###Caribbean Style 2017 5x7 Final Ptint.
CSC-1csc-id2amazing-bKarib Nation, Inc. presented its 7th Annual CARIBBEAN STYLE & CULTURE Awards  and Fashion Showcase on Saturday June 25/16 @the Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center, University of Maryland, College Park.

The runway show presented an eclectic ensemble of designers from St. Lucia, Haiti, Guyana, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, who showcased their artistic and amazing collections that ripped the runway from start to finish…… We share some of those exciting moments with you here.

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Carol Fraser of Miracle Hands, Karib Nation, Inc. Award of Excellence recipient.

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Ms. Luann Skaggs, Luz Way Designs.

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Caribbean Style & Culture is a showcase of Fashion, Music and Art, held annually in the month of June to commemorate and celebrate NATIONAL CARIBBEAN AMERICAN HERITAGE MONTH. The Caribbean Style & Culture Runway Showcase is exciting, dynamic, constantly changing, … Continue reading

CARIBBEAN STYLE & CULTURE 2016 “Behind The Scenes”


In observance of National Caribbean-American Heritage Month, Karib Nation, Inc. hosted its 7th Annual CARIBBEAN STYLE & CULTURE AWARDS & FASHION SHOWCASE.

This spectacular event took place on Saturday, June 25, 2016 at the Samuel Riggs Alumni Center, University of Maryland Campus, and featured celebrated artists and fashion designers from across the Caribbean Region including Guyana, Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago, St. Lucia/London. Here’s a look “Behind The Scenes”



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20160706_192212img1467847035739The Hostess Ms. Chardelle Moore

(Host and Reporter of Fox 45, Fox Baltimore “Traffic” and anchor “BMORE LifeStyle“)

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